Local Region

The local area around Altstätten offers a variety of attractions and destinations. Our hotel is centrally located and all attractions can be reached within a short space of time.


Museum Altstätten: The Museum Prestegg was founded in 1895, and holds exhibitions in the stately merchant house “zur Prestegg".http://www.museum-altstaetten.ch


Nature Reserve "Bannriet": The Bannriet is ideal for leisurely walks and discovering nature. Enjoy the tranquillity of the natural surroundings located nearby.http://pro-riet.ch


The Cog Railway Gais: The cog-wheel train runs between Altstätten and Gais. Enjoy the magnificent views of the Rhine Valley or the many hiking trails in the region. http://www.appenzellerbahnen.ch


Bicycle and Mountain Bike Trails: The region around Altstätten offers cyclists and mountain bikers excellent tours in all degrees of difficulty, from beginner to advanced.


The Appenzeller Mountains: The nearby Alpstein offers you easy to challenging hikes with views to Lake Constance and the Vorarlberg Alps.


St. Gallen and Lake Constance: Take advantage of the close proximity to St. Gallen for a shopping spree or spend a day by the water at Lake Constance.


Cultural Centres: Around the region of Altstätten there are a variety of cultural centres, museums and exhibitions to visit, for example: The Lake Stage in Bregenz, a guided tour of the Hongler factory in Altstätten, or the Abbey Library of St. Gallen.


The Abbey Library of St. Gallen: The Abbey Library includes approximately 170,000 books and other media. In the great collection of manuscripts you will find approximately 500 parchment manuscripts dating from the 5th to the 12th Centuries which are displayed in 8 showcases in the wonderful Baroque Hall. http://www.stibi.ch